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    Stan Hustad

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To make more money

To Make More Money - Brand, Sell YOU These Seven Ways!


Marketing / Content Marketing

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    Stan Hustad



To Make More Money - Brand, Sell YOU These Seven Ways!


Today everybody has to learn how to market and sell themselves. From the gig freelancer, to the contract worker, to the solo professional, to the professional entertainer, to the business entrepreneur; all must learn the art of how to brand themselves, market their services, and make the sale of who they are and what they do.


Unfortunately most people who may be world-class in their performance and service have no clue as to how to get more work and customers, because they do not even know the fundamentals of Stan Hustad's trademark personal performance marketing ideas.


Stan Hustad has long experience in living the entrepreneurial life, and has taught personal marketing and branding skills to thousands of people.


Here you will learn the big seven and many more ideas, understandings, and practices that you must master if you want to make it in the highly competitive global marketplace.


This is for busy leaders and business owners, so Stan brings this course to you in entertaining stories and shows in just over an hour of brand new and now "game-changing" business leadership- ideas.

What are the requirements?


Be ready to learn some very new and challenging ideas.


What am I going to get from this course?


You will learn the media and marketing secret on how to do a one minute presentation just like the professional who make the world famous Super Bowl commercials.

You will be challenged to remember and execute a strategy that says, "Image is not everything, but it is the first thing."

You will learn how to read the "the secret sign" that every person wears and what you must do about that sign if you want to be successful in business today!

You will be challenged to remember and execute the truth that, "All business is show business."

You will learn to stop asking for referrals and to do something better and more effective.

You will learn the best sales close of all!


What is the target audience?


There is not one person who will not benefit from learning these seven powerful principle and ideas from a entrepreneur to a teacher to a professional performer and athlete.

If you think you already know everything there is to know about branding and personal marketing, this course may aggravate you as you see new possibilities.


Instructor Biography


Stan Hustad, Broadcaster-Writer-World-wide Business Coach


I am a teacher and the creator of the What It Takes (WIT) series of online teaching videos, with stories, skills, and strategies to help you discover the Wisdom, Insight, and Truth (WIT) to be one of the 3% who seek to live well and be fully alive.


I want to help you discover the deep principles of


"spiritual wisdom" that you can use in your life and business projects.


I want to be your teacher and guide to help you create your own "personal economy"; and be an entrepreneur in upper business, your life, and spirit.


I will help you gain power, insight, influence, and impact in the marketplace, without losing your soul!


I delight in helping you become a worshipper, because that is what you were made for!

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To Make More Money - Brand, Sell YOU These Seven Ways!

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