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    Harald Tschuggnall

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SEO: NEW GOOGLE SEO Update hits over 70% - are you SAVE?


Marketing / Search Engine Optimization

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    Harald Tschuggnall



SEO: NEW GOOGLE SEO Update hits over 70% - are you SAVE? 


In this course, we will show you exactly how to fix your mobile usability issues and comply with the new « Mobilegeddon » update to skyrocket your ranking on Google again and avoid disappearing from Google in 2016.


In this course, you will learn:


Exactly how to find out if I there are any mobile usability issues Google wants you to fix (so you avoid losing ranking on Google)


If you really have to fix your mobile usability issues and why?


The important reasons why Google sends out these messages:


 Know if this update is making you lose rankings because of these mobile usability issues

 Find out what Googlebot-Mobile sees on your website (and why it is crucial)

 How to fix your mobile usability issues and skyrocket your ranking again

 Are there any SEO disadvantages when using responsive design?

 How to build sites for the multi-device web

 How to create responsive URLs to be even more SEO friendly


At the end of this complete course, you will know exactly how to fix your mobile usability issues and avoid losing any rankings, conversions and money!


What are the requirements?

 No experience is needed

 English Skills

 Basic Computer Skills


What am I going to get from this course?

 Find out if your website has some mobile usability issues that need to be fixed

 Learn how to fix your mobile usability issues

 Know why Google sent you a message like this

 Know if you lose rankings because of these issues

 Find out how Googlebot-Mobile sees your mobile website

 Know more about responsive webdesign


What is the target audience?

 Everybody who got a message from Google that he needs to fix his mobile usability issues

 Agencies that have to make decisions for their clients

 Marketing experts that want to give best advice to their customers

  Webmasters that need to know how to fix these issues


Instructor Biography

Harald Tschuggnall


Harald Tschuggnall, SEO, Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert


SEO & Linkbuilding Expert with 10+ years of marketing experience.


I specialized in Linkbuilding, Penalty Recovery, Link Risk Management and Link Audits.


I am running the first LRT certified agency and hold a LRT expert certificate myself.


Within the last years, I published several case studies about websites that became victims of Google updates.


I am a SEO trainer for an online training company.


I worked with clients from all over the world. Hence, I know about the SEO problems of small businesses as well as big brands from different countries. I know how to boost a website's ranking by means of onpage as well as offpage actions. Further, I am able to analyze a website's link profile in order to discover the reasons why a website became a victim of a Google update or manual penalty. I also know the steps that need to be taken to recover from a Google update or manual penalty. Because of my experience, I know a lot of SEO tricks as well as do's and don'ts regarding the SEO business. 


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SEO: NEW GOOGLE SEO Update hits over 70% - are you SAVE?

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