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Security Certification Roadmap


Cyber security

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    Brandon Spencer



Security Certification Roadmap



For this course, you will need:

- The obvious (a working computer, an internet connection, etc.)

- Be ready to commit to assignments for each module to help you reach your goal


Are you looking for the RIGHT security certification?


I'll show you the RIGHT certification that will add value to your career...guaranteed!


Have you ever wondered: “What certification is BEST for me?” Or “Which certification is going to get me that job?


If you have, you are are like SO many other people that are asking the same questions.


What if I could show you the EXACT certification you should get? 


A certification that will help you get that job or promotion you are looking for?


You see, I had this same problem myself. I asked the same questions. "Should I get a CISSP or a CCNA?" Or "should I get that new certification that just came out?"


I didn’t know! I had no idea...so I spent TONS of time and money to get a certification. Only to find out, the certain certifications didn’t produce the results I thought it would.


So I took all of my lessons learned and put them together...here in this course.


The first thing you HAVE to do is ignore the certification overload!


I think we all get confused by certification overload: TOO many certifications to choose from and TOO much hype and marketing around the different certifications. 


And there is no proof that any of them will actually help you reach your goals.


You've seen the articles online I'm sure.  You've probably seen the “top certifications” lists too.  I'm positive you've heard the promises of the “next big thing” certification.


But where are the results?  Where is the proof you're not wasting your time and hard earned money?


Actually...the results and proof are right here...in this course. 


I take the guesswork out of certifications and show you exactly which one you should get...at each stage of your career.


If you are just getting started, I’ll show you what certification to get.

If you have been working in security for a few years, I’ll show you what certification to get.

Even if you have been in security for many years, I’ll show you what certification to get.

And I’ll show you proof of why you should get them!  No blog articles or biased opinion. Just data and proof!


You will save countless hours searching for your next certification.  You will even save thousands of dollars wasted on a pointless boot camps or worthless certifications!


If you follow the road map in this course...The next certification you get will add value to your career...guaranteed!


Message me with questions or a coupon for this course!


Who is the target audience?

This course IS FOR YOU if:

- Are an IT or security professionals tired of guessing which security certification is going to add value to your career.

- You've researched and researched but can't decide which security certification you should get

- You want a security professional to show you step-by-step how to choose and pursue your next security certification

- You want to learn how to study, prepare, and pass your next exam!

- All experience and skill levels are welcome. I've got a roadmap for everyone, at any level.


About the Instructor


Brandon Spencer

Cyber Security Engineer, CEH, CISSP, CPTE, Security+

Hi!  I’m Brandon.


I’m the founder of Cyberactive Security, LLC., a security training and consulting company.  I’m also a professional cyber security engineer and architect with over 16 years experience in the field.  


I’ve spent my entire career working with Fortune 500 companies, serving as a security engineer, security architect, security analyst, network engineer, and a telecommunications technician.  This accumulative experience has helped me become a successful and well-rounded security professional, garnering industry recognition from these companies and customers alike.


I specialize mentoring others in security certification instruction, technical skill training, and security career growth and development.


Here are some highlights of my qualifications:


  - 16 years experience in IT


  - 9 years experience in cybersecurity


  - In-depth experience in enterprise and small scale systems


  - Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems


  - Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration


  - CEH, CISSP, CPTE, and Security + certified


Whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned professional, we at Cyberactive Security want to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in your security career.


All the best to your success!




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Security Certification Roadmap

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