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Ruby 1st script to expert scripter

Ruby 1st Script to Expert Scripter: Lite Edition

Summer 2015

Development - Programming Language

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Ruby 1st Script to Expert Scripter: Lite Edition





This course is a Lite Edition for the Ruby course, so learners can get an idea for the quality of the videos. This course should not be treated as a complete course, but can be expected to give a quick start for beginners who want to learn Ruby.


A lot of programmers try to find a language which is completely object oriented, as well as easy to learn and implement. Your search will end in finding "Ruby Programming Language". Ruby is a true object oriented programming language which is easy to use, and can be used for many tasks. Everything in Ruby is an object, even classes.


In this mobile optimized course of Ruby Programming, you will learn basics of Ruby like operators, variables, if and if else. After grabbing basics, we will move on to loops and switch cases of Ruby. We like to deliver knowledge in sharp and to the point videos. In this entire series, we will focus on working with Eclipse IDE because it is free and Ruby can be configured easily with Eclipse.


You might have intention to move into “Ruby on Rails” or just automating things using Ruby. This course will give you a quick but comprehensive start in Ruby programming. In the competitive and always growing programming paradigm, programming languages keep on changing. But Ruby is a bit different. It came as a fresh language and reached the top of programming in 2014, and is expected to continue growing on programmers' favorite lists, because of its high end features, easy syntax and dedicated object oriented approach.


Ruby was designed to be more powerful than Perl, and more object-oriented than Python, and has gained in popularity due to its power and easy to use features. Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. It was designed and developed in the mid -1990's by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto in Japan.



Features of Ruby programming Include:


 Thoroughly object-oriented with inheritance, mixins and metaclasses

 Dynamic typing and duck typing

 Everything is an expression and everything is executed imperatively

 Lexical closures, iterators and generators, with a unique block syntax

 Literal notation for arrays, hashes, regular expressions and symbols



What are the requirements?


 Eclipse software (available for free)

 No programming experience is required but little basics will help

 We recommend you use headphones and practice with us during the course



What am I going to get from this course?


 Learn to install Ruby and create Ruby files

 Learn to code smoothly using Ruby as a scripting language

 Learn to configure Eclipse to code in Ruby

 Learn object oriented concepts like classes and objects

 Learn inheritance, mixins and other concepts in Ruby by practical approach



What is the target audience?


 1st time programmers

 Programming students

 Web designers who wants to learn Ruby

 Anyone interested in scripting with Ruby



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IGNEUS stands for the revolutionary quality enhanced change that we’ve tried to come up with in the modern world of Internet education. We’ve come up bearing in mind the maximum emphasis on quality, dealing with every new technology which, has distinguished us from many others. And this revolution of choice will continue. Today, IGNEUS Technologies is proudly lifting up the tag of being the world's most trusted provider of a myriad of services and training programs, aiding constantly in every corner of the globe, along with web security aspects, and open source technology.

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Ruby 1st Script to Expert Scripter: Lite Edition


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