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Retail Operations Basics Online (ROBO) - A Foundation Course in Retail Operations

This is a Online course with access for 2 months


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The Retail Operations Basics Online (ROBO) is a foundation course in Retail Operations, developed by GyaanSol and is certified by the Retailers Association of India (RAI). This job oriented course is designed for Customer Support Associates (CSAs) or Sales Associates role in the organised retail sector. However, the course is useful to anyone interested in learning the basics of the retail industry. 

Course Content

The Retail Operations Basics Online course includes the Chapters mentioned below, covering the concepts of Retail such as Merchandising, Store Management, Inventory Management, Sales Optimization, Customer Satisfaction, etc.

1.    Overview of the retail industry

2.    Operations of the retail business

3.    Customer handling and selling aspects

4.    Roles and responsibilities of retail staff

5.    Skills required for a successful career in retail

6.    Technology in retail

Intended Audience

·        Job seekers in the Retail sector – Undergraduates, Graduates, Housewives

·         Retail Employees

·         Retail Business Owners

·         Aspiring Entrepreneurs  

Course Objectives

·         Promoting Retail as a career option

·         Educating individuals about the working reality of the Retail Industry

·         Bridging knowledge and skill gaps by providing and reinforcing basic business knowledge and industry specific skills

·         Providing an overview of Retail Operations

Course Highlights

·         Addresses real-time challenges of the retail sector

·         Integrates job-oriented techniques

·         Enables learners  to acquire / reinforce basic business knowledge and industry specific skills

·         Incorporates the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the ‘Sales Associate’ profile

·         Bridges the knowledge and skill gaps

·         Features Interactive assessments with formative feedback to enhance learning

·         Supports print option for easy reference

·         Uses conversational and engaging language for easy understanding

·         Illustrates with Real-life examples for easy recall

Course Interactivity

·         Modular structure       

·         Voice-overs    

·         Voice transcripts

·         Assessment Quiz

Course Access Duration & Certification

·         The access for this Online course is available for a period  of  2 months

·         After the course duration the user has to take up Online Assessment and successful candidates will be provided with RAI certificate

Course Benefits

·         RAI Certification

·         Job assistance within India, to successful candidates*

·         Reduction in cost of infrastructure and training resources, due to the online availability and self-paced schedule of the course.

*Candidates above 18 years of age and a minimum qualification of 10th Grade  pass


 OS and Browser Support

The Retail course is supported on all  PCs,  Web browsers.  Adobe Flash Player  required. Not ideal for mobile phones. 

About RAI

Retailer’s Association of India is a Non-Profit Organization, aiming to grow the modern retail industry in India. It follows best practices, fosters retail learning and training, creating a knowledgebase beneficial to its members and the industry. RAI seeks to enhance the number of skilled employees, particularly in the areas of sales, marketing, and customer service.


About  Gyaan Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.,

Gyaan Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd., (GyaanSol), is a technology-enabled knowledge solutions and services company. The company is a right blend of domain knowledge and technical expertise, backed with global perspective. GyaanSol offers e-learning solutions, software consultancy, and business process consultancy across a range of domains such as Retail, Banking, Information Technology, Education, Insurance, etc.

GyaanSol’s competitive edge  

  • Value for money
  • Strong domain expertise
  • Advanced learning techniques like Learning Management System (LMS) and e-learning


Key Differentiators

·         Association with industry apex bodies like RAI (Retailers Association of India)

·         Unique user experience

·         Game-changing  business solutions : 

       URL : www.gyaansol.com

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Retail Operations Basics Online (ROBO) - A Foundation Course in Retail Operations

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