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    Hitesh Choudhary

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Python with Eclipse and InfoSec

Summer 2015

Development - Programming Language

  • Hitesh choudhary
    Hitesh Choudhary


Python with Eclipse and InfoSec



In the world of programming, there are many different methods as far as getting your work done. That being said, one of the most straightforward languages to program in must be Python. Because of this, learning how to interact with and use this language has become vital to all those who participate in the programming world.


Python is a modern OOPS language, and is extremely popular nowadays. This course, designed by Hitesh Choudhary, keeps the industry standards (like Eclipse, database, etc) in mind. The entire course is divided in small chunks and sections, mostly focusing on video lessons. Video time length is also very short and gets directly to the point so no time is wasted. Videos are highly interactive, and can be followed along with in exercises and practice, ensuring that you will love working with Python.


What are the requirements?

 Basic knowledge of programming (I don't expect you to be a master)

 Basic installation and computer usage knowledge


What am I going to get from this course?

 Over 36 lectures and 4 hours of content!

 Mastering Python

 Getting friendly with Eclipse


What is the target audience?

 Beginners for Python

 Programming Ninjas

 Security Enthusiastic


 Industry Experts

 Ethical Hackers and Pentesters


What is the duration of the course?

 This is a self-paced, fully online paid course, so learners are encouraged to go through the materials at their own rate. However, all the materials in this course can be completed within a week's time.




Instructor Biography



Hitesh Choudhary trained as an electronics engineer and mastered in computer network and Information Security. He is a renowned author, video author, international speaker and security consultant. He was also trained in wireless security from a prof. of MIT. He created various tools and attacks like wireless Eurynomus, featured in Pentest magazine and in Backtrack project. His webinar on wireless, Backtrack, and ethical hacking was attended by 2000+ professionals from Google India, HP, IBM, Accenture, TCS, Sapient Corp. , Symantec, EEL India Ltd., Capgemini, Micro Technology, CDAC, Kodak India Ltd., Wipro Infotech Ltd., ABB Ltd., Tech Mahindra Ltd., and many more. He is also an active consultant and speaker for police in India and Army Intelligence and his work was featured in 20+ air, print and live media.

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Python with Eclipse and InfoSec

30.0 USD

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