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  • Term:  Summer 2015

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Pentester certification course lite edition

Pentester Certification Course:Lite Edition

Summer 2015

Computer Science

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Pentester Certification Course: Lite Edition




What is Pentesting with Linux?


Penetration testing is the legal and authorized attempt to exploit a computer system with the intent of making a network or system more secure. The process includes scanning systems looking for weak spots, and launching attacks to prove that the system is vulnerable to attack from a real hacker.


Penetration Testing is known by several names:


 Pen Testing

 Penetration testing

 Web/network auditing

 Ethical Hacking

 White Hat Hacking


Ethical Hacking/Pentesting is a demand of our present era, where most of our important tasks include the cyber world. Pentesting is a process in which a Pentester tests an application, software, or network for possible loopholes, and by knowing about these loopholes, the company can take steps to secure their product or network.


No need to pay extra for having lab access, this course will teach you to create your own lab with minimum configuration.


The Igneus Certified Pentester is one of the certification courses now moving online to serve wider audience at a global level. This certification involves lots of in-depth topics covering theory as well as practical work.



What will you get after completing the course?


 Immense knowledge about pentesting and Information Security

 Huge job opportunities by having a unique ID certification

 Full practical and to the point videos will help in fast learning

 1 on 1 support to every student by having live sessions every month

 Pentesting is considered the 2nd highest paid job, and with the increasing online market, information security will surely rise even more in the near future.



What are the requirements?


 No skills required

 Basic computer usage



What am I going to get from this course?


 Quick view of course quality

 Getting comfortable with hacking

 Start as a pentester



What is the target audience?



 Web Developers

 Software Developers

 Software Testers



Instructor Biography



Igneus Technologies, Best Comprehensive Courses with Certifications


We at Igneus have trained students from IIT's, NIT's and reputed companies. Students from all over the globe have trusted our high quality and affordable trainings from 10+ countries, and have opted for our certification programs.


IGNEUS stands for the revolutionary and quality enhanced change that we’ve tried to come up with in the modern world of Internet education. We’ve come up bearing in mind the maximum emphasis on quality, dealing with every new technology, and this has made us distinguished from most other courses. And this revolution of choice will keep continuing. Today, IGNEUS Technologies is proudly lifting up the tag of being the world's most trusted provider of a myriad of services and training programs, aiding constantly in every corner of the globe, along with web security aspects and open source technology.


IGNEUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a dream shared and brought up by two computer geniuses, to make society upgraded and aware of the cyber crimes that curb the innocence of environment, thus starting a revolution in favor of cyber security.

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Pentester Certification Course:Lite Edition


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