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Online Course on Core Banking Solution (CBS)

This is a 2 month duration Course


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Online  Course on Core  Banking Solution (CBS)


Core Banking  Solution - Introduction

Core Banking Solution (also referred as Core Banking Software) or CBS, is a software solution that enables banks to centralize and automate their daily transactions and services. Data of all the branches of a bank is stored in a single database; the branches are connected to the data centre. Customers can hence access their accounts and transact from any branch of their bank. Centralised database helps online transactions, across branches, making the process easier and faster. Some of the popular Core Banking  products are T24, BaNCS, Finacle, Flexcube, Profile etc.

About this Course

The Online course on Core Banking Solution  covers Core Banking basics, and enables e-learning on the proprietary CBS model platform developed by Gyaan Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd, (GyaanSol).The course is designed by expert techno-bankers and is beneficial to aspiring and experienced banking professionals.

Course Content

The CBS course covers financial and non-financial concepts of Core Banking such as customer accounts and records handling, depositing and transferring money between accounts, processing payments and cheques, processing deposits and withdrawals, maintaining passbooks, teller operations, reports , inquiry, etc.

The following are the chapters the course includes:

1. Banking Business

2. Evolution of Banking Technology

3. Using a Core Banking Solution

4. CBS Supported Products Services

5. Customer Related Processes

6. Teller Operations

7. Customer Induced Transaction Reports


Intended Audience

1. Aspiring bankers

2. Banking Professionals

3. Students of Banking and Finance courses


Course Objectives

  • Providing comprehensible overview of complex banking concepts, workflows and procedures
  • Educating learners on transacting in a centrally managed, automated banking environment


Course Highlights

  • Designed and developed by experienced and expert techno-bankers
  • Enables learners to operate efficiently in a centralized bank environment
  • Provides case studies and real-time scenarios
  • Simulates real-time transactions on a ‘model’ CBS platform, to aid self-learning
  • Uses conversational and engaging language for easy understanding
  • Features interactive assessments


Course Interactivity

1. Modular structure

2. Voice-overs

3. Voice transcripts

4. Simulations Scenario

5. Assessment Quiz


Course Duration

This is a self-paced course and you can learn at your own pace and time. You can go through the course contents any number of times. However, you should be able to complete the course within a month's time or even less. The access duration to this course is two months from the date of enrolment.



Course Benefits

  • Facilitates seamless transition to automated environment
  • Aids easy adaptability in any centralized banking system 
  • Reduces the infrastructure and training costs, as the course is online and self-paced


OS and Browser Support


The Core Banking Solutions Online course is supported on all  PCs,  Web browsers.  Adobe Flash Player  required. Not ideal for mobile phones. 


About Gyaan Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.,

Gyaan Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd., (GyaanSol), is a technology-enabled knowledge solutions and services company. The company is a right blend of domain knowledge and technical expertise, backed with global perspective. Gyaansol offers e-learning solutions, software consultancy, and business process consultancy across a range of domains such as Retail, Banking, Information Technology, Education, Insurance, etc.

GyaanSol’s competitive edge 

  • Value for money
  • Strong domain expertise
  • Advanced learning techniques like Learning Management System (LMS) and e-learning

Key Differentiators

  • Association with industry apex bodies
  • Unique user experience
  • Game-changing  business solutions

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Online Course on Core Banking Solution (CBS)

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