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New Christianity



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New Christianity


This course is about the New Christianity, a movement that came to replace Christianity, a more reasonable and pleasant way to follow Christ.


Both theory and practice are considered. 


​Those who have the book

http://www.amazon.com/Have-Done-Something-Someone-Today/dp/1530519802/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1458391055&sr=1-1&keywords=have+you+done+something+pinheiro in their hands while attending this course might have more inspiration in terms of queries and discussions.


The author can be reached via e-mail, drmarciapinheiro@gmail.com, and the queries will be addressed in at most 72 hours. ​


Instructor's Biography



Dr. Marcia R. Pinheiro - Translation and Interpretation (PhD) 


Márcia is the granddaughter of Maria Ribeiro Ricci, a Catholic Saint yet to be canonized, and the daughter of Léa Maria Ricci, who was one of the daughters of Mary inside of the Brazilian Catholic Church for a time. Márcia had Catholic upbringing and did both her primary and secondary schools inside of Catholic establishments. She was atheist for one year. During this year, she read the Bible, King James version, line by line, as if doing research about it, and experienced true miracles. Márcia spent three days writing this book, four hours a day, and the processes involved were those of receiving a message. The message is supposed to be conveyed to those who were born speaking English and Márcia is supposed to pass the message for a good price.

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New Christianity

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