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  • Term:  Summer 2015

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    John Mclellan
Introductory accounting with the cma coach

Introductory Accounting with the CMA Coach

Summer 2015


  • Dr john
    Dr. John Mclellan



Introductory Accounting with the CMA Couch




Financial accounting and reporting are the primary medium by which organizations provide information to their external stakeholders (e.g., shareholders, creditors, governmental agencies, customers and alike). This course presents financial accounting as an essential part of the decision-making process by both the external users and the management. The course involves the study of the foundations of accounting methods and systems, including transaction analysis, the accrual system of accounting, the process of income measurement, and understanding of financial statements. The focus in the course will be on users - and not the preparers - of accounting information. This course assumes no prior accounting knowledge.

The course explains and demonstrate the many financial accounting concepts that would be covered in an introductory financial accounting course. The order of the videos would approximate the order of topics covered in most accounting texts. However, if you do not have a text you can download ” Accounting Principles: A Business Perspective,Volume 1 Financial Accounting” -that is freely available on the net.

This course is designed to take approximately six weeks to complete. You will be provided with all the material needed to complete this course. There are demonstration problems for each chapter that you will attempt and then follow a video solution. Quizzes will be online for each chapter as well. There is a midterm and a final practice exam. When ready, the instructor will email you a two hour midterm and final exam which you will complete and return for marking.

The instructor will grade it and provide feedback as to which areas of the course you could improve on.

Learning accounting provides you with a good understanding of business concepts and business terminology. Business terms will be explained to you as we come across them in the course.


What's in the Course?

  Over 26 lectures and 2 hours of content!

  To deepen you understanding of financial accounting

  To help you achieve an "A" in you your accounting course

  To introduce accounting to non- accounting students


Course Requirements:

  The textbook is freely available on the net. Readings and exercises will be from that text.
The journal paper and ledger forms that you need for this course will be provided.

  If you wish you can participate in quizes on the subject matter in each chapter. This will deepen your understanding of the material.

  The more you participate in chapter discussions the more you will get out of this course.


Who Should Attend?

  College and university business students

  All students who are taking a course in accounting.


Instructor Biography



Dr. John Mclellan, Accounting Professor



I am a Professor of Accounting with over thirty-five years experience teaching accounting to college students, undergraduate and MBA university students as well as those seeking their professional accounting certifications.


I have been a Certified Management Accountant for thirty-eight years with a Masters of Business Administration degree and a PHD in accounting.


This course is being taught by me to undergraduate business students and graduate students taking this course as a pre-requisite to entering the MBA program. I developed these short videos called "Macnotes" as summaries of important accounting concepts and provide a number of demonstration problems with solutions and quizzes to test your understanding of the concepts. There are sample midterm and final exams which you can complete and send to me for feedback.


If you get an "A" from me I guarantee you will get an "A" from your accounting prof.


-Dr. John

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Introductory Accounting with the CMA Coach


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