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HTML5 - Learn HTML5 from Scratch

Summer 2015

Development - Programming Language

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Course Summary


HTML5 - Learn HTML5 from Scratch



This course will help you learn the language of HTML 5. HTML 5 is the main markup language for web pages. HTML 5 elements are the basic building-blocks of web pages. Learning HTML 5 is your first real step to become a web developer. HTML 5 concepts will help you learn other web development technologies faster in the long run as well. In this program, we'll teach you how to create colorful, interactive and accessible web sites that take full advantage of the latest web browser technology. You will learn HTML 5, including everything you need in order to make a creative, quality, and professional web site. The lessons are made up of hours of video instruction in punctuated lab exercises, where you apply the very skills taught in the course.


The HTML 5 classes teach you how to format text on your pages, add hyperlinks, pictures and tables. Even if you plan on doing most of your web design with an authoring tool such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, or Microsoft FrontPage, an understanding of HTML 5 is necessary to make the most of those programs and fine tune your page design. This is an introductory HTML training course and will be useful when you will learn other advanced web technologies like CSS2/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP etc.


The course starts with introduction to HTML and discusses all the features and tags of HTML. After a thorough understanding of HTML, the course moves to new additions in HTML 5 and how it differs from previous incarnations. It's a comprehensive course on HTML and HTML 5. By the completion of this course, the participant will be able to design webpages like a professional, using features of HTML and HTML 5.


What are the requirements?

 No prior knowledge is required.

 You need a computer, a web browser and a code editor and Internet


What am I going to get from this course?

 Over 39 lectures and 4.5 hours of content!

 The objective of this course is to make you awesome in HTML.

 With completion of this course, you will be able to design colorful webpages like professionals.


What is the target audience?

 Anyone who wants to make web applications or websites

 Business owners who want to be more efficient with Wordpress, Joomla or other CMS systems

 Designers who want to expand their skill sets


 People who want to become web designers and developers

 People who want to better manage their web site



Instructor Biography


Mr. Dheeraj V. (CFA, FRM, IIML, IITD)

Dheeraj, a financial wizard with a relentless pursuit of knowledge and financial acumen, is one of the most sought after individuals in the training circles. He was associated with J.P Morgan Chase Equity Research Group as an analyst and later moved to CLSA India (Asia’s #1 Broking Firm) in the field of Equity Research and Investment Banking domain.


His performance and contribution was exemplary and widely appreciated. A financial wizard, a thorough professional to the core, a man filled with entrepreneurial drive and vision. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and financial acumen has made him the most sought after individual not only in the business sphere, but also in the training circles.


Dheeraj has done his MBA from IIM Lucknow and B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi. Additionally, Dheeraj has cleared CFA Level III. Also, he is a Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM). His unflinching desire to make a mark in business drove him towards entrepreneurship.


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HTML5 - Learn HTML5 from Scratch

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