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How to make money online by being a radio tv personality

How to Make Money Online By Being A Radio TV Personality!



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    Stan Hustad



How to Make Money Online By Being A Radio TV Personality!


Today most people get their information from radio, television, Youtube, and all kinds of digital and electronic media using the world of the online world wide web. However once you realize that your paper dead-tree marketing is dead and that cold calling on the telephone is not only futile, but in some cases illegal; how can you get your message out to others.


I believe after many years as a radio broadcaster that learning and using many of the principles, practices, and performances known and used by broadcasters, can help you get your message out through the maze of media out there.


In this 90 minute 9 sessions all video lessons course, I will get you started to think and act like a broadcaster so you can do a better online courses, do a better YouTube video, and start to become a bit of a celebrity to the folks who can benefit from what you know and what you do.


Who knows you just might be able to make living online by broadcasting, teaching, or attracting people to you and your business.


I look forward to hearing you on the radio!



What are the requirements?


There are some basic equipment and software requirements that are outlined in the course introduction and preview


What am I going to get from this course?


Over 9 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!

Begin to do internet broadcasting or using broadcast principles to make your online presence more powerful and effective.

Teach some basic broadcast skills to your friends and colleagues

have confidence that when it comes beginning broadcasting ... You can do it!


What is the target audience?


This course if for anybody who want to build their influence and make their mark in the world of business, education, politics and social advocacy.

This course is for beginners to aspiring professionals. All can learn something from this course.

There are no requirements or previous knowledge required



Instructor Biography


Stan Hustad, Broadcaster-Writer-World-wide Business Coach


I am a teacher and the creator of the What It Takes (WIT) series of online teaching videos, with stories, skills, and strategies to help you discover the Wisdom, Insight, and Truth (WIT) to be one of the 3% who seek to live well and be fully alive.


I want to help you discover the deep principles of


"spiritual wisdom" that you can use in your life and business projects.


I want to be your teacher and guide to help you create your own "personal economy"; and be an entrepreneur in upper business, your life, and spirit.


I will help you gain power, insight, influence, and impact in the marketplace, without losing your soul!


I delight in helping you become a worshipper, because that is what you were made for!

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How to Make Money Online By Being A Radio TV Personality!

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