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    Dr. Marina Shorer
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History and Security in the Middle East

Spring 2016

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    Dr. Marina Shorer-Zeltser

Course Summary


History and Security in the Middle East


Instructor guided online course on origins, ethnicity, cultures and religions of the Middle East. Units also include 20th Century wars and conflicts in the Middle East and Super-powers’ involvement in oil and influencing the game. The course is at a beginner’s level. It is designed for students coming from security and government service, people looking to relocate to the Middle East, and Social Sciences students. All lessons include multi-media resources, required readings, vocabulary, quizzes, discussion forums with top-level academics and a final written analysis assignment.



Instructor Biography


Dr. Shorer is the Head of the program of Security, Cyber and Immigration in IDmap Institute. Dr. Marina Shorer (PhD) is former Media Liaison for the Israeli Ministry of Internal Security; participates in NATO workshops; Researcher and lecturer on Middle Eastern policy and economics in Universities and special training programs.


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History and Security in the Middle East

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