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Grow with Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Now

Summer 2015


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Valuably crisp, clear and content-full!




"I had signed for few Lean Six Sigma courses before but none came close to the value one gets by undergoing this course. The course content is very clear and crisp to the point, and adds a lot of insights on real world implications. I would highly recommend this course for any Six Sigma beginners/enthusiasts and look forward for advanced Six Sigma courses from Canopus Business Management Group!" by Dharmaraj N



Globally Accredited

International Association for Six Sigma Certification(IASSC) and The Council for Six Sigma Certification are the only two accrediting organizations focused on Lean Six Sigma. We are an Accredited Training Organization of both International Association for Six Sigma Certification(IASSC) & The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) for Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt Training Programs.


What do people who often get promotions and pay hikes year after year do differently?

You don't need to add multiple academic degrees for that. Pay rise is within your reach. All you need is to know some basic logic.

In today's challenging economic environment, every organization in the private sector, government and non-profit is constantly being challenged to evolve and become fit for the future. If they don't, they perish. It's like Darwin's theory of evolution, but for organizations.

So they back employees who can 'challenge' and 'change' their business processes, products, & services to become 'Future Fit". Moreover, who in today's world wants to keep doing what they are already doing over and over?

To become future fit, Lean Six Sigma is a proven formula being used by most successful organizations such as GE, Ford, Bank of America, Amazon, Boeing, Dell, Motorola, 3M, US Army, US Marine Corps, Caterpillar, National Kidney Foundation, etc.

Imagine yourself with the right Lean Six Sigma knowledge & certification; you can bring about desperately needed improvements to your organization's business processes.

Remember, organizations hire you for your qualifications and past experience, but they will reward you only when you directly contribute to their strategic goals. You will get promotions and pay hikes, year after year, surpassing all qualification barriers.

You don't have to shred your core strengths and become a Lean Six Sigma professional. Lean Six Sigma supplements core strengths that you already have. So, it's like a 'booster.'

So whatever your industry is, if you take this course, your managers will want to recognize and promote you!

There are many Lean Six Sigma Certification courses, but you first need to know what is relevant to you. You should learn practical tips that can be readily applied not mere academic stuff that you will find in any book. Most courses view Lean Six Sigma as a 'Quality Management Training.' However, the real power of Lean Six Sigma is in transforming businesses, and not mere 'quality improvements'!

This course is specifically designed for professionals like you, who want to fast track your career.


How is this course different from others?

We are an accredited Training Organization of IASSC and CSSC, the only two global accrediting bodies focused in Lean Six Sigma.

I have experienced fast track growth in my 17 years long career, starting off as a trainee in an automotive firm, to a senior vice president in bank within 10 years, without an MBA. I attribute this success to my Lean Six Sigma knowledge. It has also given me the ability to seamlessly move across industries.

Through a series of courses (starting with this one), I'm going to share my knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and some tips that can help you to achieve similar fast track growth.

I'm not just sharing academic information, but instead my tacit knowledge that can help fuel your career, because this world needs professionals who can challenge the status quo and change it ... not just manage stuff!


What are the requirements?

There are no per-requisites for this course. All you need is a desire to grow fast in your career by challenging and changing business processes.


What am I going to get from this course?

Over 14 lectures and 1 hour of content!

Practical tips on how to use Lean Six Sigma to transform your business and so fuel your career

Take the first step; get your Yellow Belt Certification FREE by registering for this course!

Get clarity on what type of Lean Six Sigma Certifications (Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt) should you acquire


What is the target audience?

Well, anyone can take this course, but it is ideal for those who want to walk home with a fatter pay check, recognition, and larger roles. It does not work by pleasing bosses, but instead, by challenging and transforming business processes. Industry and domains don’t matter at all. There are no limitations on experience or industry domain with this course.

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Grow with Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Now

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