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    Dr. Dinesh Vyas
Trauma surgery

First Responder Trauma Emergency Care Program (English)


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    Dinesh Vyas



First Responder Trauma & Emergency Care Program (English)



Welcome to the First Responder Trauma and Emergency Care Program! Trauma is one of the world’s leading causes of preventable death, particularly in developing countries. Our goal with this course is to help YOU join a new generation of medical first responders who can help improve emergency conditions of patients BEFORE they get to the hospital, which could save millions of lives per year.


The scope of this online course is to give you the knowledge needed to make a difference in an emergency trauma situationall at your own learning pace. This knowledge is intended to be supplemented by a 2-day hands-on workshop, which we are gradually making available across the world. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy this learning experience!



Instructor Biography



Prof. Dinesh Vyas - MD and assistant professor of surgery in the College of Human Medicine MI


Prof. Vyas, MD, FACS, Surgeon-Scientist, Michigan State University is the founder of India’s first innovative pre-hospital care program aimed to save lives with existing resources. He has been building this program for the last 8 years, with more than 75 US Surgeons and researchers, and 300 Indian physicians all contributing across the nation within 5 states and 7 medical schools.


Dr. Vyas uses the most advanced tools and simulation methods (with costs exceeding 200,000 USD) and innovative education methods to implement his program for the police, ambulance personnel and nursing staff. The program is scaling up very fast and has saved many lives since its inception. Thus far, he has primarily funded this program from his own funds.


He is also the founding father of the multi-lingual MOOC education initiative, targeting multiple countries to improve capacity building for first responder training.


In addition, Dr. Vyas is a Robotic Gastrointestinal surgeon and a basic science lab primary investigator, funded by the NIH, USA aiming to develop new nanomedicine therapies and understand the mechanism of sepsis and cancer.


Dr. Vyas has also served as Director of medical student education at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine for the last 4 years.


He is also the first Indian-origin surgeon to Chair - Social Responsibility and Citizenship Committee of American Surgical Education. This organization designs surgery education for the entirety of North America.


Dr. Vyas is a leading researcher and academician with contributions as Editor-in-chief and editorial board member of surgery textbooks and prestigious journals such as Nature Scientific Report, Oncotarget and therapy, Journal of Laparoendoscopic and Advanced Surgical Technique, and World Journal of Gastroenterology.

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First Responder Trauma Emergency Care Program (English)


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