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Excel Everest [Windows]



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Excel Everest [Windows]



Recently, I had the opportunity to try Excel Everest, an excel spreadsheet course that teaches you how to use excel. In this post I will tell you why it is a great product to learn excel. 


What if we could make an excel workbook that would teach us excel? Wouldn’t that be cool?


It was a question that motivated Sean Duffy, a former Google employee and his friends to design Excel Everest – an excel spreadsheet built to teach you, Excel!



What is Excel Everest?

 Excel Everest is an excel workbook designed to teach you excel. It has 41 topics and has 155 exercises, 339 buttons, and 87 embedded videos. It is a text book, problem set, video library all rolled nicely into one excel file. It teaches you various excel topics one at a time and gives you some problems to work on. Once you finish the problems, Excel Everest even grades you automatically. Pretty cool, eh?



Who is this for and what can you learn from Excel Everest?

Excel Everest is designed to help beginners and not-so-regular users of excel to learn various features without getting lost. It teaches the following topics very well:

 Excel basics: What is excel, how to format data, using paste special, sorting and filtering data, adding / removing / hiding rows or columns, working with shapes

 Formulas: Formula basics, text formulas, IF formula, VLOOKUP formula, basic math formulas, statistical formulas (average etc.)

 Charts & Pivot Tables: Understanding numbers and answering questions

 Tips to make your life easy with Excel: Removing duplicates, using keyboard shortcuts, introductory macros, printing excel sheets


Each topic is explained in a separate worksheet with text, images, videos (YouTube videos embedded in excel) and various examples.



What is my opinion about Excel Everest?

Excel Everest is a fantastic way to learn excel if you are starting out. It is beautifully designed with lots of clear, simple explanations for various everyday excel features. 

How the file is structured and how each topic is flagged as easy / medium or hard

Exercises and automated grading. There are questions / short quizzes after each topic and as soon as you enter you will graded

You can keep track of your progress and see how well you have scored across various topics / difficulty areas


That said, this is not the product for you if you are already familiar with various excel features and use them decently. For the rest of you, this can be an extremely fun way to learn excel all while using it.



Do you have any questions about Excel Everest?

I have been using Excel Everest for the last few weeks, so I kind of know what it does best and how it works. If you have any questions about it, please ask them through comments. I can answer them.



Instructor Biography



Sean Duffy, Co-Founder & CEO at Omada Health - San Francisco Bay AreaHospital & Health Care


I'm a tech/design geek with a passion for healthcare. Now I spend 100% of my time bringing these worlds together as CEO of Omada Health. I care about great products, warm people, transformative technologies, primary care innovation, value-driven healthcare, and more recently, remote controlled airplanes.


Recent talks:


2014, "Behavioral Medicine, Delivered Digitally" LeWeb, Paris.


2014, "Digital Therapeutics," Exponential Medicine, San Diego. 


2013, “From the Garage to the Bedside: Software Innovation in Diabetes," Joslin Diabetes Innovation Conference, Washington, DC.


2013, "The Future of Digital Therapeutics," FutureMed, San Diego.


2013, "Using Design to Fight Diabetes," Wired Data | Life, New York City. 


2013, "Introducing Omada Health," Kaiser Persuasive Technology Forum, Oakland.


2013, "Online Technology for Obesity and Metabolic Disease," Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit, Cleveland. 


2013, "Demo: An Online Lifestyle Interventions that Uses Offline Science," Partners Connected Health Symposium, Boston.


2012, "Stop Managing Diabetes, Start Reversing It," Joslin Diabetes Innovation Conference, Washington, DC. 


2012, “Transitioning from Medicine to Tech,” HIMSS, Las Vegas.



Excel Everest

July 2010 – February 2011

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Excel Everest [Windows]

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