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Excel   basic excel course

Excel - Basic Excel Course

Summer 2015


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Excel - Basic Excel Course





In order to automate the various functions and managements of data, Microsoft has developed an electronic spreadsheet application which is called Microsoft Excel. With Excel you can collect large amounts of data and can also put it in the form of rows and columns. The data which can be entered into Excel includes alphabets, numbers, graphs, charts, and even pictures.


With Excel application you can add, delete, modify, link and relocate the data in any way you see fit. In Excel, you can have 256 columns and 65,536 rows per worksheet, which enables you to work with large and small amounts of data alike. With this tremendous data storage functionality, you can search, sort, and filter data as per your requirement.



Why should you know Microsoft Excel?

Earlier data management and calculative work was done manually. But with Excel, everything has become automated. If we were to check all business fields including finance, statistics, marketing, engineering, human resources, and especially businesses which deal with large amounts of data (numbers, statistics), they all use Excel.


Some important Features of Excel

Hyperlink: With this we can link one file to another file.

Pivot Tables: Pivot Tables are used for creating and maintaining records like employee records, product database.

Clip art:  Even we can add images, audio, video clips in Excel.

Charts: with Charts we can put numerical data in the pictorial format which is much easier to compare.

Macros: With Macros we can record event which are used to performed repeated tasks.

Sorting: The data can be sorted as and when needed in any direction

Filters: With this we can filter the required data from huge sets of data.

Page layout: with the page layout option we can set up the page as per our comfort level

Arithmetic and Logical Functions: Excel provides various mathematical functions like ADD, SUBTRACT, Multiply, division etc. It also provides logical functions like AND, OR, IF etc.


Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is used for designing user friendly interfaces.



Application of Excel

Database management

Recording of financial statements

Performing calculations

Inventory management

Analysis of data

Creating user friendly interfaces




There is no prerequisite for learning Excel. People from any background or at any stage should learn Excel.




An Excel file is portable and can be sent through email

Excel files can be protected through passwords so that only intended user can see them.

Excel can be directly connected to OLAP databases.

As Excel is a part of the Microsoft office, there is no need to buy it separately.

All types of functions including financial are inbuilt therefore no need for additional program.

People can get training for learning excel



Instructor Biography


Mr. Dheeraj V. (CFA, FRM, IIML, IITD)


Dheeraj, a financial wizard with a relentless pursuit of knowledge, has financial acumen that has made him one of the most sought after individuals in the training circles. He was associated with J.P Morgan Chase Equity Research Group as an analyst and later moved to CLSA India (Asia’s #1 Broking Firm) in the field of Equity Research and Investment Banking domain.


Website: - edu CBA

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Excel - Basic Excel Course

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