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Certificate in Translation



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Certificate in Translation


We go through the entire process of serving a client in Translation in this course: initial contact, transference of documents, payment, winning standard procedures in terms of performing the translation of the documents, minimum amount of resources, delivery of results, and storage of information.


You will get hints that nobody else has ever put on the market because all the professionals who got to these conclusions had no interest in teaching others. They kept the knowledge for themselves.


The flexible delivery of this course allows you to study at your own pace and with all elegance on earth: One day is as fine as several years and it is all up to you.


If you follow all the advice given in this course, you should march, in a steady pace, toward never-stopping progress and indestructible success.


Very few professionals have ever done all that is here with no mistake and only those very few have achieved maximum glory.



What are the requirements?

 Secondary school certificate; and

 Reading and writing in English.



What is the target audience?

 People who want to become professional translators;

 People who have an interest in Translation;

 People who translate; and

 Professional translators.



Instructor's Biography



Dr. Marcia R. Pinheiro - Translation and Interpretation (PhD) 


Dr. Pinheiro is a NAATI-accredited translator and interpreter. She has been working as a professional translator/interpreter for more than twenty years now. She is also a professional teacher and researcher. PhD in Philosophy, PhD in Mathematics, Master in Arts (Philosophy), PG Dip in Logic, PG Dip in Systems Analysis, Diploma in Management, TEFL/TESOL, and a few other qualifications. Translation Techniques is an interesting paper of hers and it is found inside of Communication & Language at work (2015) and Translation and Interpretation: Volume 1 (Amazon.com). Some of her texts appear on the websites of PROz and Blogger. Because of the value of her findings, she is listed with the Who's Who Marquis and the IBC.

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Certificate in Translation

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