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    Lazaro Diaz

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CCNA - The Complete Course

Summer 2015

IT & Software / Network & Security

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    Lazaro (Laz) Diaz



CCNA - The Complete Course




This comprehensive course will cover everything you need to know to pass the CCNA 200-120 exam and become a Cisco networking pro.


You'll gain an in-depth understanding of everything from networking and routers, to switches and their configurations and connections.


You'll also become well-versed in Layer 2 technology and its many configurations, including VLANs, VTP, STP, PortFast, EtherChannel, Port-Security, Inter-VLAN communication, and Trunking.



Learn Everything It Takes to Pass the CCNA 200-120 Exam


Become fully prepared to take the CCNA 200-120 exam

Understand the OSI, Three Layer, and TCP/IP models

Master addressing, transition mechanisms, subnets, protocols, routing, and more

Acquire the Skills to Become a Cisco Networking Professional


Throughout this course, you'll move through all of the sections found on the CCNA 200-120 exam, so you can study for and pass the test to receive your certification.


More importantly, you'll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work confidently as a networking professional.


Whether you're simply preparing to receive your certification or you already have experience but want a deeper understanding of Cisco networks, you'll find everything you need in this course, from the basics to the advanced.



Contents and Overview

This course begins with an overview of CCNA certifications, including what tests you should take and how to become certified.

You'll then dive right into the Cisco Packet Tracer. You'll create a topology and configure a router, switch, PC, and server in a simulated environment that answers all of your questions while providing you with hands-on experience.



In addition to tackling the basics of networking that you'll be tested on throughout the CCNA 200-120 exam, you'll also cover the OSI model (Open Systems Interconnection model), and all of its layers, the Cisco Three Layer model, and the TCP/IP model.


Take a deep dive, and review everything from Ethernet networks and various addresses, to subnets, protocols, routing, and much more.


You’ll fully understand the ins and outs of networking, and all of the potential challenges you may face as a Cisco pro,


By the end of this course, you'll have grasped everything that you need to know in order to pass the CCNA 200-120 exam. This will allow you to become a networking professional with the confidence to work in a variety of environments and expand your career opportunities.


Subtitle: Take this complete Cisco CCNA course - it will cover everything you need to prepare for the 200-120 certification exam!



What are the requirements?

Basic understanding of Networking

Cisco Packet Tracer or similar simulators


  • What am I going to get from this course?

    This is a complete & comprehensive CCNA (200-120) Course. It is designed to prepare the student to be able take the certification exam.

    Once you finish this course, the student will not only have the confidence to take and be able to pass the test, but they should be able to transfer the knowledge acquired to a networking environment.

    Understanding the concepts as provided in this course is an essential part of any network in order to communicate and transmit information. Mastering this knowledge will make the student or IT Professional a much more valuable asset in any Network or IT environment.


  • What is the target audience?

    This course is intended for anyone that is preparing for a network certification or Computer Science Degree. However, it does go beyond that, it is also intended for those Networking and/or IT Professionals that are already in the field and need a better understanding of networks.



    Instructor Biography



    Lazaro Diaz, Network Engineer, Cisco & Microsoft Instructor


    2015 will be a year of ACHIEVEMENTS!


    If you are determined, ambitious and hungry for a new beginning...then 2015 should be your year.

    ...and how better to start the year than to get your CCNA!

    Whether you are interested in the CCNA R/S, the CCNA Wireless or just want to understand the key topics of these certification exams, taking one or all of my courses, will get you a little closer to that goal.


    As for me, 2015 will be the year of putting out new courses for different types of IT certifications amongst other things in my to do list.


    For those that do not know yet, I started the year by setting up a Dropbox for all my students for "FREE", so that each and everyone of you can have more stuff to be able to study with. All you need to do is go to my site (The Networking Doctors) and get access to the Dropbox.



    What you wanted to know about me:


     If you are tired of the same old methods of learning and want someone that is pretty much unconventional, but at the same time will provide you with an enjoyable learning experience in layman's terms...then please preview my courses and you will discover that I am your guy.

     I am a Network Engineer with over 13+ years in the field and in the teaching industry. I hold the following certifications: CCNA, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, Security+, Network+, A+, MCP, MCTS & MOS and I just passed the first of two test for the CCIE! My teaching experience stems from teaching at institutions like Palm Beach Community College, New Horizons, Florida Career College (now Anthem College) and The Academy of South Florida, not to mention teaching at my own training facility in Miami, Florida.

     Having been in all sides of the spectrum; as a student, a teacher/trainer, and in the field, I believe this uniquely qualifies me to understand the student, and what they have been exposed to as opposed to what they really want to accomplish. These two are sometimes extremely conflicting and frustrating. That is why I teach in the manner I do and can relate to the student's rejection of the Status Quo.

     I have taught corporate employees at MetroPCS (now T-Mobil) and have also taught IT professionals of companies like The Florida Marlins, Hospital personnel & Attorney's firms amongst others to be able to acquire their CCNA certification and/or their Microsoft certifications; like the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist). YES!...I am also an applications instructor and also teach Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

     I teach in an unconventional way that allows for students to understand the subject matter and can therefore, not only prepare them for a Cisco and/or Microsoft certification exam, but apply my methods in the real world. I strive to give the student a greater opportunity to compete in the current job markets. Do I go above and beyond what is needed for a certification?...YES, I do!...because it's not only about getting a certification, it's also about making sure the student is prepared for a job interview and/or maintaining their current job by enhancing their skills. This is where I step in and make sure that the student is prepared for whatever they need and make them an asset to their employer. Everyone has different requirements and I make sure, or at least I try, to provide information for most scenarios.

     My classes and/or courses are very simple and that's how I like to teach. If things are kept simple, easy and explained in a way that the student can grasp quickly and retain the information...then I have achieved my goal!


    For those that do not know me yet, you may not be used to my style of teaching, but you will soon get accustomed to it :)... I'm very laid back, I try to make learning fun and I teach in layman's terms...no physics jargon or mumbo jumbo in my teachings. My courses are very interactive and extremely dynamic!...you will not find my lectures monotone or boring, because falling asleep, for lack of excitement, is just NOT an option. 


    I certainly hope that after a careful review of my credentials & testimonials (you can Google it you know!), I'm the Cisco & Microsoft Instructor you're looking for!



    Network Engineer,

    Motivational Evangelist, Author,

    Cisco & Microsoft Instructor

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    CCNA - The Complete Course

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