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Big data 8

Big Data: How Data Analytics Is Transforming the World

Fall 2015

Business/Data & Analytics

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Big Data: How Data Analytics Is Transforming the World




Data is everywhere, shedding light on all aspects of life. Retailers know what's selling and who's buying. Pollsters test opinions on everything from candidates to consumer goods. Doctors follow their patients' vital signs. Social networks register the interactions of millions. Sensors measure the changing weather. And as athletes play, fans collect exhaustive statistics on their performance.

Big Data: How Data Analytics Is Transforming the World introduces you to the key concepts, methods, and accomplishments of this versatile approach to problem solving. Taught by Professor Tim Chartier, an award-winning Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Davidson College, these lessons give you the big picture on big data, highlighting the crucial role of data analytics in today's world and the even greater impact it will have in the future.


What are the requirements?

 No prior knowledge is required


What am I going to get from this course?

 Over 24 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!

 Discover just how big the world of data is and how data analysis impacts us in surprising and unprecedented ways.

 Learn how data analysis enables us to predict, with better accuracy and higher probability, many aspects of the future.

 Understand the basic stages of data analysis and see how this knowledge benefits not only large corporations but also your personal life.

 Get a better understanding of the immense power and infinite possibilities of data analysis as it gives us insight into the real world in ways that were never possible before.

 Debunk myths and clear up misconceptions that many people have about big data and data analysis.


What is the target audience?

 People in business, government, science, and other endeavors, who want a view into what data analytics can do for them.

 People considering, or already pursuing, work with data and aspiring to explore the full scope of their remarkable field.

 Anyone who relies on the Internet, smart phones, social media, or other tools that make them a participant in the data analytics revolution.


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Big Data: How Data Analytics Is Transforming the World


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