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    John Mclellan

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Be a certified management accountant   cma exam prep %28part 1%29

Be a Certified Management Accountant - CMA Exam Prep (Part 1)

Summer 2015


  • Dr john
    Dr. John Mclellan



Be a Certified Management Accountant - CMA Exam Prep (Part 1)



An opportunity to become a Professional Accountant. Add a Professional Designation to your university degree.


The Certified Management Accounting exam is offered by the Institute of Management Accountants in America for anyone wishing to gain a mastery of the critical accounting and financial management skills. The exam is conducted in 2 parts and this course helps you prepare for Part 1.


The passing of part 2 of the exam makes one a CMA, of repute. This course walks you through the different concepts and parts of the exam. You will also have access to mock and practice exams that will help you prepare and understand better.



Mock and practice exams that help you better your performance

Self-paced course accessible any time, with lifetime access to HQ videos

Full practical and to the point videos that will help in fast learning

Valuable guidelines and tips to enhance your skills



Know about planning, budgeting and forecasting 

Learn about performance management

Understand cost management

Gain knowledge on external financial reporting decisions

Be comfortable with internal controls



Who can take this course & Pre-Requisites:

Students preparing for the CMA exam




A University Undergraduate Degree

A business degree helps make the material familiar




Become a management accountant

Understand all the concepts clearly

Add a reputed skill to your resume

Have an edge over other accountants

Get certified by IMA



Instructor Biography



Dr. John Mclellan


I am a Professor of Accounting with over thirty-five years experience teaching accounting to college students, undergraduates, and MBA university students as well as those seeking their professional accounting certifications.


I have been a Certified Management Accountant for thirty-eight years with a Master's of Business Administration degree and a PHD in accounting.


I am developing a number of courses for college and university student (and secondary students) to help you get the best result in your accounting course.


For example, some courses I am working on and will continue to work on are - How to get an A in Financial Accounting; How to get an A in Management Accounting, and How to get an A in Cost Accounting. There are sample midterm and final exams for each course, which you can complete and send to me for feedback.


If you get an "A" from me, I guarantee you will get an "A" from your accounting prof.


I am also developing two courses to prepare graduate business students to successfully complete their Certified Management Accounting Exams for the Institute of Management Accountant.


-Dr. John

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Be a Certified Management Accountant - CMA Exam Prep (Part 1)

199.0 USD

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