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Active Reviewing - A Practical Guide for Trainers and Facilitators

Summer 2015

Personal Development / Memory & Study Skills

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    Bogdan Vaida



Active Reviewing - A Practical Guide for Trainers and Facilitators




Why should you become a student in this flagship training on Active Reviewing?

To be able to engage your students' full set of learning skills so that their learning is rapid, significant and memorable.

To inspire long lasting results by generating immersive learning experiences.

To become an expert in facilitating learning from experience.

To access the Active Reviewing Toolkit (A.R.T.), a time-tested repository of efficient reviewing techniques.

To use tools such as the Horseshoe, the Activity Map, Action Replay and others in order to empower your students with instant awareness.

To experience an experiential, step-by-step, action plan specifically designed to instill powerful teaching methods into your arsenal.

"Roger knows more about how to turn experience into learning than anyone I know or know of. His particular brand of creativity--always seeing multiple ways to look at things, plus deep experience and thoughtful, research-based approach- make him second to none in his field." -- William Spencer, Whole System Learning, New York


Training where change is visible and memorable

Do you want to be called back, as a trainer, again and again?

Do you want to forge powerful training that inspires change in your students?


Then join this advanced train the trainer program and take your learning to the next level!

Trust me...Actually don't trust me- I'll prove it to you!

3 experienced trainers and facilitators created this advanced training:


Roger Greenaway, PhD

We have, none other than the inventor of Active Reviewing, Roger Greenaway.

Roger's goal is to help people become more effective in facilitating learning from experience.

He is an international trainer who specializes in developing and refining active reviewing techniques. He also focuses on strategy in which learning can be simplified and made more interactive.

He mostly trains in the UK, Europe and Asia. But he also teaches in Africa, North and South America and Australia.


Călin Iepure

Next comes Călin Iepure. Călin is the Romanian governor of the Toastmasters public speaking and leadership organization. He is a public speaker and a certified master trainer, a master facilitator at Bootcamp University, a master facilitator for Speaker Elite Timișoara and a very successful business consultant.

As a managing partner in TrainingMasters Consulting, Călin organizes events and trainings on subjects like persuasion, communication, public speaking, leadership and entrepreneurship.


Bogdan Vaida

And last but not least, Bogdan Vaida.

I've been an experiential trainer for the past 7 years, creating situations and environments through which people learn by doing. I've held training's in Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and a few other Eastern European countries. I'm a trainer for Erasmus+, Toastmasters, Alpha Personality, The European Law Students' Association and many, many other organizations.

But this is not about my fellow colleagues or me. Călin, Roger and I are here for you! We are interested in what you need to do in order to step up your training. We are here to help you achieve your goals!



Instructor Biography



My name is Bogdan Vaida and I'm an experiential trainer with a long history in online education. My motto is: “I teach students how to become their own teachers!" and I live by it. In my courses, I create the conditions for students to learn by themselves. With over 3000 satisfied students and hundreds of 5-star reviews, I believe that you can get more from this course than from any other online.


And I truly believe that by better understanding yourself and others you can increase the quality of your life and experience it in a more fulfilling way.


After going through this course you will look at the world in a totally different light


Become a better you... a Super you!

... by gaining deep insight into how and why you and your peers think, feel and act.


Start learning today, before the course's price increases, and I'll see you on the other side.

PS: To fully benefit from the course you must practice the assignments in the second part of the material. Only after going through this part of the content you'll fully realize the benefits of the course and the reason why it was delivered the way it was.

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Active Reviewing - A Practical Guide for Trainers and Facilitators

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